Tandem Jumps

Do you want to do your baptism tandem jump and feel the thrill of freefall?

No knowledge is needed at all, it is quick and easy; an instructor with thousands of jumps of experience jumps with you and he takes care of everything!!

What you have to do to do it?

  1. First you need to contact us so that you can book a day and hour in advance
  2. Once in Skydive Alta Gracia, you formalize the inscription and choose what kind of jump you want
  3. Your instructor gives you a brief class and some jumping advice
  4. We put the harness to you which will connect you later with your instructor (be aware of wearing comfortable clothing!!) and up we go...
  5. You get on the plane and fly about 20 minutes until it gets to the jumping height
  6. You jump attached to the instructor with the only assignment of enjoying the amazing sensation of freefall
  7. After freefall, your instructor deploys the parachute and you gently float while contemplating the spectacular landscape of mountains and lakes before your eyes
  8. Finally, you land at a few meters of your family and friends… could you explain them what you felt?

What are the options to do a tandem jump?

You can do your baptism tandem jump from three different heights; the duration of freefall will depend on the option you choose

  • If the tandem jump is done from 2500 mts, your freefall will be of 25 seconds
  • If the tandem jump is done from 3000 mts, your freefall will be of 35 seconds
  • If the tandem jump is done from 3600 mts, your freefall will be of 45 seconds

You have different options of video and photographs to record this unique moment. Your instructor himself or a second parachutist can film or photograph the images of the boarding on the airplane, the flight of it and the beautiful scene of Córdoba’s hills, the freefall along with all its sensations, the deployment of the parachute, the silent and lovely flight capturing the incredible surrounding nature and landing. Back in the ground, we prepare your CD and DVD for you to never forgive that you once flew through the sky.


When thinking about Skydiving, a lot of questions about its security come to us. For you to be relaxed we will tell you some details and how we work.

  • Our entire equipment is in perfect condition and in constant preventive maintenance
  • The parachutes of Tandem jumps are specially designed for this kind of jumps
  • Each equipment brings a second parachute (which is called reserve parachute) and an automatic deployment security system
  • The opening height of the Tandem parachutes is 1500 mts (minimum height recommended of safety)
  • Our club is enabled and meets the regulations of the ANAC (civil aviation national administration)
  • Our airplanes are enabled and maintained in workshops certificated by the ANAC which guarantees the perfect performance, security and operation of them
  • We have insurance and medical emergencies system
  • Our pilots and Tandem instructors are professionals who keep up in constant training


Skydive Alta Gracia is open to the public the 365 days of the year, from 8 am till sunset. When you decide to do your baptism tandem jump, you only have to warn us how many people will do it, which day you want to do it and at what time you can come. You can reserve by //TODO

Pay attention to these requirements

  • Not to exceed 95 kg of weight
  • Not to be more than 2mts tall
  • Not to suffer serious heart diseases
  • If you are younger than 18 your parents must give us the authorization
  • Not to overeat or drink within the 2 hours previous to the jump
  • Warn the physically disabled (it does not inhibit the jump but it does condition it)
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothes


You can pay your jump with cash or credit card (we accept Visa, Mastercard and Nativa) in easy payments.