Skydiving Instructor course

Do the skydiving instructor course in Skydive Alta Gracia

If you are a skydiver and meet the requirements, you can do the Skydiving Instructor course in Skydive Alta Gracia; at 30 minutes from Córdoba city, in Córdoba province, Argentina; inside the aeroclub of Alta Gracia city.

How is the skydiving instructor course like?

The Skydiving Instructor course is designed with a flexible system, semi-face method,the contents are delivered via the Internet, hereby maintaining contact with the teacher weekly, making consultations and examinations.

How long is the skydiving instructor course?

This course is held biannually in groups of at least four people.The starting date is coordinated between students and teacher, as well as the dates for classes with mandatory attendance. The estimated duration of the course is three months.

What are the requirements to start the skydiving instructor course?

To enroll on this course you have to meet the following requirements
  • To be 21 years old
  • To have completed secondary school or polytechnic education cycle
  • To possess the certificate of physiological approval
  • To have performed a minimum of 300 jumps
  • To have at least 50 jumps with a minimum delay of 30 seconds of free fall in a stable face to earth
  • To have completed at least one night jump
  • To have accumulated a minimum of 2 hours of freefall time
  • To accredit 3 years in active practice as a skydiver
  • Submit proof of having served during the previous 12 months as Assistant Instructor Skydiving

If you live far from our skydiving center, whether you are Argentine or foreigner, take into account that we offer accommodation free of charge on request.